Snapchat-132479319.jpgBorn in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, a wordy girl with big dreams has reinvented herself as Eliava Soto to pay homage to the life she chose and the one she inherited. She is a bilingual educator, differentiation specialist, doctoral student, and freelance writer living in Chicago, IL along with her roommate M and their cat Kiwi.

Eliava has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a Creative Writing Concentration, which added two chapbooks and ten short stories to her writing portfolio. After graduation, she has busied herself with blog posts, poems, short stories, and novel drafts that she hopes will see the light of day someday. In the meantime, her scholarly side has her attending graduate school for the second time and learning Irish and Hebrew.

When she is not planning lessons, grading essays, writing papers, or fighting with her blog, Eliava can be found watching TV, curled up with a book, or leveling her druid in World of Warcraft. Sometimes she also sleeps.



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