Why I wrote Player vs. Player: @FeliciaDay @FemFreq @Spacekatgal @ChrisWarcraft

This is a fascinating (and terrifying) look at the way misogyny in gaming culture has escalated over the past year. Over the past 8+ years of playing World of Warcraft, I have experienced all sorts of different reactions to the fact that I’m a gamer… I can’t imagine being as visible as any of these women and thus increasing the negative reactions exponentially. Being a woman of color who is also a feminist and a gamer is not an easy task at any given time, but it’s getting harder and scarier in times like these–and gaming is my outlet. It’s my free space… I just want it to be a safe space too. By denouncing this movement as the misogyny that it is, and keeping in mind that misogyny is a real threat to women everywhere, I hope we can work together to make the gaming community a place where women don’t have to hide and be silent because they’re afraid.

The fiction of Amelia C. Gormley

I’m gonna get my bona fides–or lack thereof–out of the way up front.

I’m a gamer. I’m a feminist.

Am I a hardcore gamer? I imagine by most definitions, the answer would be no. I don’t have time for it; I have a son to raise and books to write. I drift in and out of gaming when something catches my attention. Whenever I’ve tried to be a hardcore gamer–for a while my husband and I had an arrangement for me to be able to take Friday evenings off from parenting starting at 7 PM so I could raid with my guild–it never worked out. 7 PM for me was 10PM for many of my guildies, so they wanted to start raiding at 5:30 PM, just when I was eating dinner with my husband and son. I always felt guilty because either I was letting my guildies down or I…

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