Introducing: My New Crazy (Awesome) Idea!

About a week ago, I said to my girls Kat and Megan, “I’m going to do something crazy–I’m going to read the entire Tanakh over the next year.” Both of them replied with identical “DO IT”s, and the rest is about to become history.

Today is the very first day of my journey through the Tanakh in a year… and I’m inviting you to join me! You can start today, or on Wednesday for Simchat Torah, or on another day of your choosing. You can choose to do a book in 30 days, or simply to spend time with the weekly parashot. No matter how you want to do it, let’s do it together!

Not sure how to get started? I need a super regimented structure, so I’m using this handy-dandy day-to-day PDF posted by Congregation Sons of Abraham from La Crosse, WI. (They also have other awesome resources linked here.) If you want something lighter and less restricted, the fabulous Kochava has started a cool site with various study plans. If neither of those appeal to you, ask the Internet–or come up with your own! Do it with structure, do it loosely, do it however you want… but let’s spend more time with the Tanakh and the Torah this 5775!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get ready to attend my first Sukkot party (!!!!!!!!!!!!).


One thought on “Introducing: My New Crazy (Awesome) Idea!

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