You might have noticed that things have changed around here. New banner, new theme, new name.

Yes, I am still myself. Still in Chicago. Still teaching. But I keep hearing that the best way to get the life you want is to live it, and so I have decided to overhaul my life and do some re-branding. Or, rather, work to start creating my personal brand so that, whenever I do get around to finishing one of the books living in my head (and my hard drive), I will have people to share it with.

My posts will remain as they have been: always honest, often long, sometimes painful. However, I am hoping that they will be more frequent, and they will be able to resonate with you more.

Now, a week before the year 5775 arrives, I am beginning to walk more confidently as Eliava Soto, the writer who shares her words with the world. And when October comes around? We can celebrate together with the official launch of this site and the next step of my life.

Here’s to starting this next leg of the journey together!


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