Finding my happy today, damn it.

I’ve decided that, after this awful week, I was going to fill today with awesome things in order to make it better. In case I wake up feeling down tomorrow, here are the happies for today:

  • Cleaned the apartment and gave Kiwi fresh litter–it smells amazing in here!
  • Had a great lunch with Kat at our Thai place and came back to my apartment to watch The Bling Ring (for the fourth time, in my case, and first for hers). 
  • Took a hot bath with an amazing bath bomb, and read a great book.
  • Talked to my girl Megan on the phone. Amazing as always. 
  • Spent some time catching up on Tumblr. 
  • Got some levels on WoW!
  • Caught up on 100 Happy Days!
  • Finished every single drafted blog post that has been kicking around my WordPress since last January, including the one about Twilight
  • Did not bite off my crazy long nails, even though I really wanted to. 
  • Organized my to-do lists.

Here’s to hoping I can find my happy and be this productive tomorrow. 


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