After an emotionally exhausting morning, an awesome professional development day after a sleepless night, and a pretty good drive home, what I thought unthinkable happened: my lovely, reliable Civic, who got serviced and repaired like three months ago? Stranded me on the side of the road. 

It was terrifying, to be honest–I was in traffic when I realized the car would not accelerate, and I could feel myself slowing down as the car behind me got closer and closer. Through sheer force of will and judicious use of the brake, I used the momentum to get the car on the side of the road. Hilariously, I had spent the previous few minutes complaining about how much I pay for car insurance… but then I was on the side of the road, a rather humiliating three blocks from my apartment, and I was so glad to have roadside assistance so I didn’t have to worry for the tow truck on top of what would undoubtedly be awful repairs. 

A well-timed text from Karen meant that I had a dinner date to look forward to, and a ride home from the dealership… but of course the tow truck took two hours to come to me and I was pretty much completely drained by the time I made it to the dealership, too damn late to do anything but drop my keys into an envelope and hope they’d get to look at it. 

Bless Karen for waiting, and picking me up, and taking me to get pie, and fighting me for the check, and taking me home. My life would suck without you, work wife. ♥


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