Keep on keeping on.

It seems silly to update about resolutions on day two, doesn’t it? Yet I promised myself I would be more positive this year and I would keep looking at my accomplishments no matter how small, so here we are.

In terms of physical health, I was pretty good today: I went grocery shopping (yay under budget!), cooked meals for the rest of the week, and gave my knees a rest instead of forcing myself to work out through the pain. I did, however, park far from the entrance to every store I went to, and I took the stairs in and out of Aldi (carrying 20 pounds of groceries on the way out, thanks 10-lb. bag of potatoes). As much as I wanted to say I’d worked out today, I have to go back to work tomorrow and I work on the third floor, so. Yeah. I feel good about my choices.

As for my mental health, I had an awesome therapy session today. We really dissected my breakdown and the friendships I’m currently struggling with, and I feel much better armed to deal with these situations in the future. It was also awesome to hear that I have indeed been working on things the way I should, and that the mechanisms I have put in place and the conclusions I have drawn have been accurate. Things got even better when I got to have a long, much-needed, majorly serious conversation with my awesome roommate Crystal. It felt great to have some time for us, and to be able to speak candidly about everything that’s going on with someone who listened without judgment and knows everyone involved so she can offer solid advice.

So, yeah. I feel awesome today. And with that, I’m gonna go do six loads of laundry, write some lesson plans, and organize/plan out the next 4-5 days of my life.


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