A new day has come.

(Title courtesy of the Céline Dion song of the same name.)

So, here it is: 2013 in all its glory. And for me, it is literally a new beginning, since today is the first time in days I have actually done something productive and have felt a bit more like myself. And, in order to celebrate that, I’m going to make myself accountable for some, yes, dreaded and clichéd resolutions:

  1. BREATHE. 2012 was a year of many changes and a lot of growth–and it’s only going to get crazier from here, it seems. So my #1 goal for this year is to breathe: to cut myself some slack, to know when to take it slow, to give myself as much time and care as I give others. It’s finally sunk in that it’s okay–hell, necessary–for me to be the #1 person in my life, and 2013 is going to be my year to do that.
  2. Eat my hunger, not my feelings. I have spent the past two weeks eating my feelings, to the point where I have regained the weight I’d lost and surpassed it so I’m now at my heaviest ever (258). I want to eat when my body tells me I need to, not when I am thinking about food or I see food or someone near me consumes food. I also want to eat things that are less greasy and potentially migraine-triggering.
  3. Stay active! Last time I tried this I said I’d work out every day and then punked out about a month in. My goal will be two-fold: to do some physical activity for at least 15 minutes AND to leave the house every single day. No excuses, no exceptions. So that means that on weekends my activity might just be to take a walk somewhere or go for a run so I can do both at once. 🙂
  4. Make time for friends. I didn’t realize this until Alex and I were finally catching up over mimosas and brunch on Sunday, but I really miss getting to just hang out with my friends. Facebook and Twitter and Skype and Gchat are awesome, but it’s just not the same. As per roommate!Sarah’s suggestion, I’m going to start scheduling date nights with the people I want to spend more time with this year so we can make time in our schedules for each other. (Alex, Molly, Madisson, I am especially looking at you.)
  5. Stop underestimating myself. This one is rather strange for me to think about. The truth is that I have extremely high standards for myself, and I often find myself falling short/lacking–which then leads to lots of self-deprecation and blaming and other not-fun things. However, I keep forgetting how strong I can be, how productive, how valuable. So this year, I want to give myself the credit I deserve and I want to push myself to do better while remembering resolution #1 and knowing that failing sometimes is the only way to ever succeed.
  6. Be financially responsible consistentlyI have all the pieces together for this: I have Mint.com, I track all my accounts via web/text/app, I have a list of payments I need to make every month. But I’m not consistently on top of my finances, so I’m often unaware of how much money I actually have available–and I’ve been shopping with my feelings (often for food). So I’m hoping that I will be able to survive my current financial crisis by paying closer attention, and I’ve scheduled myself financial check-in times to make sure this happens.
  7. Prioritize and manage my time betterLet’s be real, here–if I said I’m going to stop procrastinating, I’d be a lying liar who lies. The truth is, I have always been a procrastinator, and I do my absolute best work under pressure. But I used to actually get stuff done when it needed to get done, and it wasn’t nearly as difficult to organize/motivate myself. So I’m gonna prioritize and schedule myself for the things that need to get done, and ask friends/coworkers to keep me accountable. I work well with deadlines, so I’m going to set myself some and see how that goes.

There are other things I want to do this year, but I chose these seven because they will enable me to achieve my other goals. What are some things you’re hoping to do this year?

ETA: It is almost midnight and I am way under my calorie budget, I worked out, I let myself relax in a warm bath, and I’m ready to rock out tomorrow. Off to a good start!


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