LUC Traditions

I was cleaning out my desk area last night while procrastinating getting ready to get to work, and I found this list of LUC traditions that I put together while I was an orientation leader, so I figured I would type it up for posterity. Happy finals week, LUC peeps!

  • Standee’s in the middle of the night (especially after drinking)
  • Watching the sunrise at the IC
  • Finals breakfast
  • Blankets and cuddles at Relay 4 Life
  • Scavenger hunts for birthday gifts
  • Karaoke nights next door to the RA
  • Dollhouse/SPN nights
  • Showing up just for the free stuff
  • Roommate bonding/cuddling time
  • FRAN
  • Snowmen with the first-time snow-seers
  • Wao Bao while waiting for the 147
  • Fearing the Cudahy elevator
  • Crowding the Damen escalators when late for class
  • Technical difficulties, especially in Dumbach classrooms
  • Napping in the quiet reading room
  • Dirty looks for typing too loudly in the third floor
  • Target trips (only buy what you can carry!)
  • Avoiding the crack house on Winthrop
  • Trying to get food from the Mickey D’s drive-thru on foot
  • Papa Moe and Coke slurpees at 3AM
  • J.B. Alberto’s for every event (the Giant, especially)
  • Taking the El from Loyola to Granville
  • Visiting Patti Ray in Hillel whenever in Mundelein
  • Huddling in the reading room in the library
  • Bitching about the library doors being closed
  • Quoting SNL/MADtv at all times

Man, I miss Loyola. Feel free to add your own in the comments!


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