How to Support Your Friend Who Has Depression

(DISCLAIMER: These are all based on my personal experience. When in doubt, ask a professional. Get help from someone who’s qualified!)

1. Remember that depression is a disease. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, but it’s there, and it’s real. Your friend doesn’t mean to be sad or hopeless or a buzzkill, okay? They literally have no choice and are likely using all of their energy to stop themselves from  being worse. So don’t feel bad if you can’t help them, if you can’t “cure” them… remember that there are professionals to help with that, and that they are the ones who can help your friend. Also remember that depression is not like a cold–there is no magic medicine or treatment, and it might never be cured. Most of us live with depression forever, to varying degrees.

2. …but that your friend is more than that. That depression takes up such a big space in my life doesn’t mean that that’s all I am or all I do–and it’s the same with your friend. Even when the conversation revolves around their mental state a lot, your friend is still a person who has other things to talk about. Please remember that we’re more than depression on legs… we’re still people!

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“I heard you fell into a rabbit hole/covered yourself up in snow.”

(Title courtesy of “Down in a Rabbit Hole” by Bright Eyes.)

This post is just what it says on the tin: I’ve just found myself in the rabbit hole again, and I didn’t realize until the snow fell in my eyes. Or, to be less metaphorical, until I realized I had zero empathy today. And I mean zero.

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No. Just, no.

A week ago, my school was on lockdown and I was calling my mom to tell her I loved her and I missed her, just in case something happened.

Exactly a week later, down to the time, I’m sobbing at my desk over Newtown, CT and thinking about Jessie in Aurora.

This needs to end NOW–I don’t want to go into 2013 still hearing about mass shootings in the US. We’ve had SEVEN just this year. Enough is enough.

LUC Traditions

I was cleaning out my desk area last night while procrastinating getting ready to get to work, and I found this list of LUC traditions that I put together while I was an orientation leader, so I figured I would type it up for posterity. Happy finals week, LUC peeps!

  • Standee’s in the middle of the night (especially after drinking)
  • Watching the sunrise at the IC
  • Finals breakfast
  • Blankets and cuddles at Relay 4 Life
  • Scavenger hunts for birthday gifts
  • Karaoke nights next door to the RA
  • Dollhouse/SPN nights
  • Showing up just for the free stuff
  • Roommate bonding/cuddling time
  • FRAN
  • Snowmen with the first-time snow-seers
  • Wao Bao while waiting for the 147
  • Fearing the Cudahy elevator
  • Crowding the Damen escalators when late for class
  • Technical difficulties, especially in Dumbach classrooms
  • Napping in the quiet reading room
  • Dirty looks for typing too loudly in the third floor
  • Target trips (only buy what you can carry!)
  • Avoiding the crack house on Winthrop
  • Trying to get food from the Mickey D’s drive-thru on foot
  • Papa Moe and Coke slurpees at 3AM
  • J.B. Alberto’s for every event (the Giant, especially)
  • Taking the El from Loyola to Granville
  • Visiting Patti Ray in Hillel whenever in Mundelein
  • Huddling in the reading room in the library
  • Bitching about the library doors being closed
  • Quoting SNL/MADtv at all times

Man, I miss Loyola. Feel free to add your own in the comments!