A break, yes, but my eye’s on the finish line.

Let’s be real, here: I wasn’t expecting to come out of convention having been totally great about my diet and lifestyle changes. The part that sucks is that I didn’t even go in being great about them.

Thursday started the vicious cycle: I didn’t work out before dinner (partially because the flan took so long to make!) and then I ate more than I should have that evening, including flan. But at least there was a lot of salad on my plate and I only had one glass of sangria! Baby steps.

Convention weekend, I won’t even itemize. Suffice it to say that I stuffed my face all weekend and I was too exhausted from all the panels to make myself work out. Today started off on the wrong foot too because I didn’t have time to make myself lunch or snacks, so I know I’ll be starving by the time I get home (I’m about to leave work).

I’ll see if I can at least make myself work out tonight…


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