Hooray for small victories.

If there’s one thing I’m excited about from today, it’s the fact that I’ve kept working hard and I’ve managed to face my mistakes without feeling the need to berate myself. 

Yes, I am aware that that’s the healthy thing to do–but it’s taken me a lot to get to this point.

The greatest thing, really, is that even though these past two days haven’t been perfect, I am feeling so damn good tonight…

After going to bed super early on Monday night because I was so exhausted, I got up on my own quite early on Tuesday–5:30AM, to be exact. I had my breakfast early, packed my lunch and snacks, got all dressed up, and I spent some time reviewing the day’s lessons.  Sounds good, right? And then I went to work…

The problem wasn’t so much that I messed anything up as it was the pain in my knees. I seriously could barely stand, bending for anything (including bathroom breaks) was excruciating, and the thought of having to work out again was seriously making me want to curl in a ball and cry for a couple of hours. So I did the right thing for me–I took a day’s break from working out and I just focused on not overeating. I relaxed and read and planned out the rest of my week, but I told myself that having one great day isn’t enough to earn my feeling self-congratulatory and so I had to start all over today.

And then I overslept. I woke up too tired for real life–and for packing up my food. I was almost late for work, and seriously the day just went to hell from there. But I managed to pull myself together, teach the kids to graph equations, and shuffle home from work. And then I got here and I was just on fire!

I must confess: I totally cheated and had a Slurpee today because it was hot and my day sucked. Buuut, I cleaned all over the house, knocked a ton of things off my to-do list, and made myself a healthy, delicious dinner (as well as lunch for tomorrow). I also pushed myself through the workout again, and not only did I kick ass at it this time, I even managed to do two reps of the abs circuit! I’m a little sore now, but definitely a lot less than Monday. And I just feel soooo good about myself in general.

I could get used to this.


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